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"He’s (Justin Bieber) a fucking idiot, that’s what he is."

Patrick Carney (The Black Keyes) talks all things "Turn Blue" - the artwork, the title, the recording process, their relationship with producer Danger Mouse, and their venture into 7-minute-songs and pure psychedelia. Patrick reflects upon soccer, Led Zeppelin, Lou Reed, The Rolling Stones, Jack White, Kesha, spotify, Mike Tyson, Chrissie Hynde, Devo, and his "new best friend" Justin Bieber. Or as he calls him: "An idiot."  (HA)

We have exclusive images from inside the studio of The Black Keyes available.

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"I don’t have any fears."
Eric Bana on his fears, cycling, staying in shape and having no problems with his age. (DA) Action Press
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"One thing my dad told me, your critics are your best friends, because if they’re talking about you they’re thinking about you."
Nick Bollettieri calls himself 'a maverick and a cowboy' but is still holding court after all these years. Ten world No 1s have come through the American coach's famous academy in Florida but his greatest memory is Andre Agassi’s 1992 Wimbledon triumph. (TMG) dpa
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"I wouldn’t say I squandered all of my earnings, but everyone who makes money in their late teens and twenties has to go through the baptism of spending it all."
Bret Easton Ellis hasn’t written a book in four years yet he’s more prolific than ever before: lambasting Nobel Prize winners on Twitter, writing scripts for Kanye West and casting Lindsay Lohan in a low-budget thriller. Meet the entertainment world’s most peculiar polymath. (BF)
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"Starchitect is a stupid word. Journalists invented it, and then they damn you for being one."
Frank Gehry is turning his attention to the London skyline, starting with Battersea Power Station, where he will draw on the capital’s sweeping crescents and stucco terraces as part of its £8bn redevelopment. He talks about courting controversy, banter with Norman Foster and working for Mark Zuckerberg. (BF)

Guardian & Observer
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"You just hang on to that one small glimmer of hope that one day you can have one small chance, one final go before you hang your boots up. And it's here."
As Liverpool captain closes in on title, he reveals to Jason Burt just how much it means. (TMG) Action Press
"Dance music is not a bubble."
Rave idealist, hippie capitalist, sci-fi dreamer … the EDM star talks about the promise of the Tumblr generation – and the rebirth of LA's music scene. (GO) Camera Press
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"My eldest daughter is 16. She thinks she’s probably way smarter than me and she probably is smarter than me. Which is kind of annoying."
Leslie Mann is one half of Hollywood’s funniest couple, which can be challenging sometimes. (BF) Camera Press
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"I have anxiety in my life."
While speaking about "The Newsroom" and her movie "Deliver Us From Evil" the actress says that she does not regret anything, opens up about supernatural occurrences, tells about the near plane crash she was involved and considering herself as an agnostic. (DA) Action Press
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"Depression runs in my family - I see why people want to kill themselves."
Dolly Parton exclusively tells about her two year battle with the blues and reflects on an amazing career. (TRM) Mirrorpix
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