"You don't think moms can be sexy? I think a lot of women with children are sexy."

Jessica Alba about her grand parents, not caring what Lindsay Lohan or Justin Bieber are doing, the sexiness of moms, the worst sin for an actor and giving a short ping-pong Q&A. (AEM)

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"Any culture in the world would be advised to stick to the recipes that they have been given from granny. They are the best, proven."
For him, foraging, cooking and obsessing about mushrooms are “psychologically wonderful” pursuits, antidotes for when the black dog starts to bite. Depression has loomed over the chef since, aged 23, he learnt that his 13-year-old brother, Enrico, had drowned in a swimming accident. (NI) Camera Press
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"I like life on the road. It's a lot easier than civilian life."
To mark turning 80, Leonard Cohen is releasing an extraordinary new album dwelling on the world’s big issues. (TMG) action press
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"I don’t think for a second, I am some kind of pioneer and a brave artist putting my reputation on the line playing a gay man."

Benedict Cumberbatch on his new movie "The Imitation Game". (ASW)

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"People don’t think of the net as a physical thing — they imagine it’s all in this ethereal cyberspace. It’s a lot more personal than that."
Jake Davis talks about his life on the Dark Web: At 18 he posed such a threat to security that he was locked up and banned from the net. Now his tale is turned into a Royal Court play. (BF) Reuters
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"I just kind-of live my life at home and go to school and I'm with my parents and my family."

Elle Fanning on going to school, her sister Dakota and not yet having met her Prince Charming. (AEM)

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"My plan at the moment is to go and study science and do physics."
Isaac Hempstead-Wright looking back at "Game Of Thrones", speaking about his spare time activities & future plans and telling all about his new film "The Boxtrolls". Action Press
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"Every woman who has walked by herself after dark and heard footsteps has immediately flashed forwards to what could happen."
She has been accused of being bloodthirsty, filling her books with gratuitous violence, but the crime writer, whose latest thriller has just been published, makes a claim that will chill her male rivals even more. (NI) Camera Press
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"I also like to get my hands dirty."
Emily DiPrimio (14) isn't old enough to watch many horror films. Yet, she's just directed her first Eighties-style slasher movie, called Carver. Here, she talks about being female in the horror industry and why she doesn't want to be judged by her age alone. (TMG) action press
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"What attracts me when it comes to woman? I think a good sense of humor really is a very important."
Bryan Ferry opens up about his 69th birthday as well as age, tennis, gardening, retiring, Leonard Cohen, pop aristocracy, meeting Dali, teaching, style, suits, women, cars, Kate Moss and touring this autumn. (HA) Action Press
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